Control the quality of your indoor air.

True HEPA Removes Allergens and Irritants

True HEPA Filtration Removes Allergens and Irritants • Dust, Pollen, Dander
• Mold Spores
• Smoke

UV Light Destroys Airborne Germs

UV Light Destroys Airborne Germs • Virus
• Bacteria
• Cold
• Flu
• Strep
• Staph

Photo Catalyst Filter Removes VOCs

(Volatile Organic Chemicals)
Remove Volatale Organic Chemicals • Toxic Fumes
• Paint Fumes
• New Carpet Fumes
• Pollution and Odors
Circulate air 3 times per hour

Create healthy, allergen-free air
at home and at work.

Anyone suffering from allergies knows that the quality of their indoor air greatly affects the quality of their life. This is precisely why the Allergy Pro™ air purifier exists. Using a breakthrough combination of true HEPA filtration, UV light and VOC filters, removing the allergens, germs and toxins that trigger attacks has never been easier.

One of the most impressive facts about the Allergy Pro™ air purifier is its exceptionally high CADR rating. Order one for your home and office today and see why the Allergy Pro™ has quickly become the number one allergist recommended air purifier on the market.

Allergy Pro™ product features:

True HEPA Filtration

The gold standard for air purifiers. Captures
99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns.

12-Hour Timer

Time the length of operation
for up to 12 hours.

277 Pollen CADR Rating

Powerful enough to clean a large room.

Easy Access Front Panel

Replace filters with ease.

UV Germicidal Lamps

Kill airborne germs, viruses, bacteria
and more.

4 Fan Speeds

Quietly operates for sleep or powerfully
operates to turbo purify.

VOC Filter

Removes odors and toxic fumes
from the air.

Replaceable HEPA Filter

Replacement HEPA filter is delivered
right to your door every six months.